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Here at Frame Concepts we run the gamut of industry and professional contexts for new visual communication projects. It struck me that a lot of filtering and context analysis is taking place on the Frame Concepts side as we are debriefed on the specifics of a new communication challenge.

It’s easy sometimes to take that for granted.


“Context” is Key

This became more clear when I work with interns who by definition have very little industry experience. Even when working with newly acquired design talent who have more experience in traditional design and media publishing houses that they don’t have the holistic business view yet.

I can tell as we brainstorm on approaches to visually tackling the communication challenges that our clients are facing that the business context is lost on them.

Practical knowledge of this context is important in fueling the visual solution itself and comes with the territory.

Screenshot of Sketch

Sample of Sketch Ideation Process with Industry Context (Healthcare in this case)

Bridging the Gap

And so while the client appreciates Frame Concepts stepping into their business context as we ideate on visual solutions, so do does the design team as they bring their creative acumen armed with the craft of information design to the dissecting table.

Bridging the gap here is very important.

It can mean the difference between a final piece that is lacking on substance and does nothing to motivate the audience OR a final piece that engages the audience and drums up support for the current business.

SAP Forecasting Infographic

Sample of Infographic Output

Design versus Business Acumen

When I was on the client side, I had a designer confess to me after trying to pull them into the finer points of the new offering, that they had spent all their academic and career life trying to avoid “business technical talk.”

But this does not have to be so binary.

The information design craft, one that visualizes the business context and the client’s target audience context as they interface on a website or even with print material, this can drive the direction and specifics of the creative visual solution itself in a very meaningful way.

GE_Proposal_FINAL 10

GE Nuclear Spare Parts Data Visualization Design:
Technical and Business Acumen can and should coincide with creative information design.


Frame Concepts bridges the gap

As our case studies highlight – we spend every day jumping into the nuances of our client’s context and business challenges to bring the information design craft to bear with the pencil sketch ideation process.

And I think our clients appreciate that they are talking to a team that has the visual toolkit that bridges the gap to their client side to drive understanding and engagement.

Plus we are far from avoiding “business technical” talk. We welcome the challenge.


We’ve developed visual solutions contextualized for every major industry, profession and organization type.


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