The B2B Tech Space – It’s Noisy Out There!

You have a complex offering. Your competitive marketplace is crowded. Your buyer has a very limited mind space to even consider your offering. You need to quickly bring that buyer into what makes your solution compelling and offers decisive and differentiated value.

So What Does the B2B Tech Marketing Industry Typically Do?

They offer on their website and marketing-facing content reams and reams of text decorated with business office stock photos and product screenshots. It looks professional and is factually correct. But it neither explains the point nor the value.

The Dreaded Stock Photo that Offers No Explanatory Value

Infographics Gave Us a Clue on the Best Approach

The rise of the mighty infographic for blogs and social channels showed us that there is a better way to engage on complex topics. It easily outperforms a blog post with a stock photo in the header image. But that conclusion has not brought the B2B Marketing team to the realization that they need to visually explain in each of their go-to-market programs.

One of the many B2B Tech Infographics Frame Concepts has Created

2023 B2B Tech Visual Content List – Where and Why You Should Integrate Custom Visual Content

  1. Product Marketing – a solution pictogram is the most effective way to explain the point and value of your platform and solutions. When the product teams develop the solution they ALWAYS go to the whiteboard to share and ideate on the best approach. The Product Marketing team should use the same visual approach for the buyer.

    Pictogram Poster


A Solution Debriefing Pictogram in Print Form

2. Content Marketing – if the goal is audience engagement and the audience is over-inundated with content, then a crisp, visual story makes the engagement effort a lighter lift. Newsletters, blog posts, best practice guides, social video animations, and yes, infographics should be the standard operating procedure in your 2023 Content Calendar.

A “How to” Visual Blog Post

3. Sales Enablement – nothing is more frustrating than taking six months to get that decisive meeting with a key decision maker only to see that after the presentation they simply don’t get it. Building a visual storyboard across your deck is key to bringing them into the narrative that reflects your key positioning.

A Sales Slide Visually Walking Client Through Process

4. Buyer Decision-Making Tools – As your buyer becomes aware of your solution and now is at the stage of considering whether it’s relevant and superior to the competition, they would like to interact with your solution. Online self-servicing visual decision tools like ROI calculators, Solution Selectors, and Maturity Models are key to bringing your solution though the crucial decision-making stages.

Risk by Country Visual Decision Making Tool

5. Thought Leadership – the B2B go-to-market space is flooded with white papers – gated content that also generates lead flow. But the typical white paper is simply loads and loads of text stuffed into a branded brochure template. Visual, interactive eBooks outcompete traditional white paper pdf’s on the engagement factor. It’s not even close.

A Visual Interactive eBook on a the Value of a Telecommunications Engineering Achievement

We can help with pencil sketch-ideation-driven visual solutions for Every B2B Tech Go-to-Market Application

We have been tackling some of the densest technical content for over 10 years and successfully solved each of our client’s explanation and engagement challenges with an ideation sketch that fits on the back of a cereal box. And all of it is produced to integrate into each of these B2B Marketing programs. Feel free to reach out to receive a free demo and ideation session around visual solutions relevant to your marketplace. Click here for a – Free Consultation.