Sample of Ideation Sketch

A New Global 100 Consulting Client Asked for a Free Strategic Visual

Recently a Global 100 Consulting Firm approached Frame Concepts to help create strategic approach custom visuals for their large pursuits. The scope was clear. The sketch was required in one page to show the point of their distinctive approach as well as the value. The sketch would be integrated and the star of the show for both their debriefing presentation and also for the actual printed proposal. But for the initial project, given we were both strangers to each other, the client asked that we do it as a Zero-Value PO (i.e. for free). We agreed.

The Results

We were able in three short iterative sprints to deliver a composite visual that according to our client “resonated” and drove deeper discussion. Mission accomplished. On the Zero PO front, before the project concluded another pursuit team got exposed to one of our sketch iterations and asked us to create a similar strategic sketch for their live pursuit. This second project was funded. And now we are in the preparation stages for continued strategic visual program with SLA’s on delivery time and expected monthly quantity. So the “experiment” of Zero Funded PO was a success for both parties.

A Rendered Sketch

New Clients Now Can Receive a Free Pencil Sketch

Recognizing that a lot of B2B Tech and Consulting Enterprises have yet to experience and appreciate the power of pencil ideation sketching for both client communication as well as solution approach, Frame would like to offer a strategic sketch to new clients. If you would like to experience the power of ideation sketching on a blank page for your solution offering or content topic, you can reach out to us here – just mention “free concept sketch” in the message body.

Another Strategic Pencil Sketch