Sketches are Powerful

It struck me (once again) – the power of ideation sketching at the start of all of our visual solution projects on a number of levels. Here are some of those levels outlined and some samples of pencil sketches for those who have not been through the process.



Off of debrief and reference materials we always, always, always (did I say always) start with a pencil sketch. Typically there is an underlying important point or distinctive value proposition around an approach or offering that  is hidden behind complexity, technical features and a nuanced context. This is the hardest phase of the explanation and engagement process. Coming up with an analogy and a visual direction that can fit on the back of a cereal box (literally). But the fruits of this conceptual and creative exercise or significant on a number of levels.

Consolidating Value

Everyone on the client side is convinced there is huge value to the point or offering being visual explained. But when pressed verbally they typically start grocery listing features. The sketch gets to the essence of the distinctive value. It arrests with its simplicity. And the implied analogy with the visual smacks the viewer with essential point being made.

Consolidating the Team

Each member of the client’s debriefing team have a different spin on the essence of the offering or approach in play and quite often they disagree on the important aspects of the point being made. The humble sketch is a mighty mirror during the iterative ideation phase often forcing players to modify their positions and is a useful vehicle to force a compromise of what really needs to be expressed. And the excitement around their offering or approach now goes onto hyper drive because they one single visual that they all can get behind and share with their colleagues and the marketplace.


Consolidating Communications to the World

And now with a blueprint in hand – every communication interface can be consistently enabled with this intuitive and engaging sketch. Website solution section can be enabled with an on-brand interactive solution pictogram. The home page and social channels can be enlightened with an animated infographic and/or film. The blog and social sites and knowledge section can have a spin-off infographic series. Trade shows and sales team can have infographic sales brochures, presentations and posters and visual interactive/animated kiosks. And internally employee intranet sites and training and orientation programs can engage the workforce visually with the core essence of their company’s offerings and approach. And each of these projects can be completed in a timely fashion because their is the sketch blueprint to guide them.

Not Bad for A Sketch, Eh?

And while we here at Frame Concepts use the ideation sketches as a steering wheel to keep our client’s projects on track, six years later and thousands of visual projects under our belt – perhaps its the client that gets the most benefit out of the powerful ideation sketch.


Getting Started with Sketches for Your Content

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