Branding Vs Visual Explanatory Engagement

Its been over seven years now since we started Frame Concepts largely as a reaction to B2B Tech websites, marketing programs, sales tools and presentations being abused with the overuse of text and stock photos. Information design has advanced so much further seven years later and we here at Frame Concepts have advanced our visual solutions into every medium format, profession and industry. In these projects the client’s need to get their offering and point of view is so important to them that they contract us to create custom visuals, starting with pencil sketches on blank paper to get it just right. And while photo’s can carry on a consistent brand, it does not deliver the explanatory power a complex or nuanced offering or topic needs for the audience to get it or even care.

But the Marketplace Has Not Changed Its Ways

Unfortunately hundreds of projects and seven years later, a casual look at even Fortune 500 B2B websites and presentations suggest that there is still a preponderance of text and occasional stock photo. I know I have an extreme bias to the visual – but seeing these things every day – it strikes me that the marketing and communications team that come up these type of text and photo formats do not care. It screams that the offering or point of view is not that important or innovative and we are ok if you simply pour through reams and reams of text with the occasional photo to come to terms with what our company and our offerings are all about.

photo and text blog render

A render of sketch above

But the Need is Still There

This observation stands in stark contrast to my daily conversations to the content staff I engage with. They and the subject matter experts come alive when they speak of the merits of the solution and how through raw innovation they solved a pressing problem that nobody else was able to do. And when I surf to their website or their material they have shared with me – none of that explanation and engagement is there.

We Should Talk

I am trying to force through with this blog series to a more personal note and try baby steps to reach a few who recognize their communication suffers in the same way and would like to explore the visual explanatory horsepower ideation sketching and information design can bring to the table. And in doing so – finally do service to the importance of the innovation at hand.

Getting Started Is Easy

Just send us a note here and we will be pencil sketching together in days.