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Visual Storytelling Business Need Anticipated Four Years Ago

Nice to see the industry advocating a Visual Storytelling approach for B2B Marketing best practices. We here at Frame have built our entire suite of visual solutions – infographics, interactive pictograms, animations and data-driven visualizations – around this premise.

Formed Frame Concepts in 2010 and put an animation on this topic (see above) -a bit of sell as well as expressing a point of view – but seems still remarkably correct (if I say so myself) if a little bit stylistically clunky four years later.

Proof is In the Pudding – Hundreds of Projects Later …

And speaking of four years later – its seems that the marketplace has agreed where it matters most – action. We just put a fresh case study section on our website with over a 100 case studies across every major industry, profession and organization type to showcase the innovate ways our clients telling their visual story to borrow from this article.

See for Yourself

To see these case studies – click here – Case Studies

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To view the original articlle by Michael Brenner click here via The Rise Of Visual Storytelling | B2B Marketing Insider.