Nice the industry pundits are weighing in with accolades around the new Visual Content Marketing book. Interesting even more that I like the way the reviewers are framing (excuse the pun on “Frame”) the problem.

From Joe Singh:

As a consultant bringing transformational change to large corporations, it’s clear that there is a huge asymmetry – companies spend lots on IP, trivially little on positioning and polishing that IP. It is essentially quitting the race to meet the customer’s need yards from the finish line. The ideas and the practical examples within this book is the remedy for this problem. If you have complex subject matter and an audience that needs to engage with your new approach, this book should be at your side on every project.

Its almost a daily experience for me working clients and their communication problems. There is no shortage of ideation and product development effort – in face not being so close to their solution, I am typically impressed with the creative ideation and rigor around developing the relevant solution. But … it strikes me odd even with decades of experience that they will even put money into a “stylized” website but when it comes to communicating the point and the value of the solution out comes a stock photo and copious amounts of text scrolling below the page.

I am hoping our efforts here at Frame Concepts go a long way to correcting the problem and that the new Visual Content Marketing book shows enough for the marketplace to see there is a problem AND a solution so they do not stop short of the “finish line”.