You Still Using Photo’s and Lots of Text for Important Communications?

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Branding Vs Visual Explanatory Engagement Its been over seven years now since we started Frame Concepts largely as a reaction to B2B Tech websites, marketing programs, sales

Engaging Technical Audience with Visual Interactive Ebook

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Dense Technical Cloud Articles in Need of Engagement A large Cloud Network provider had an impressive library of technical articles written for the technical community but there

An Offer – Getting Started with YOUR Visual Project

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What About Your Visual Engagement for Your Communications Project? Lets move the subject to you. There are a thousand bad reasons to continue using lots of text

Work Experience and Visual Communications

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Coming From the Trenches A little bid of idle (and self-directed) speculation but thinking about my day-to-day experiences coming to terms with technical companies complex offering and

Sketching is Mandatory for Visual Communications of Complex Subject Matter

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Sketches are Powerful It struck me (once again) - the power of ideation sketching at the start of all of our visual solution projects on a number of

Leveraging Visual Engagement for Ideation and Product Development

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Ideation and Product Development Borrowing from Marketing and Training B2B Sales and Marketing efforts have come a long way in adopting  visual solutions - infographics, interactive solution