Coming From the Trenches

A little bid of idle (and self-directed) speculation but thinking about my day-to-day experiences coming to terms with technical companies complex offering and point of view. On side is applying information design and positioning expertise and on the other side is simple raw industry and profession experience with the offering or point of view at hand.

I do leverage my marketing background -been at it over 20 years on the client side – and I suppose I have a bit of a theoretical bent authoring my recent book –  Visual Content Marketing: Leveraging Infographics, Video, and Interactive Media to Attract and Engage Customers – albeit it is a book leveraging my seven years experience here at Frame Concepts. So even that is really driven by experience.

But I do cheat a little bit. I bring my experience to bear on the ideation exercise.

Experience Matters

Having been in multiple industries and multiple professions and multiple disciplinary degrees – I do bring this to bear when positioning the tough content at hand. Doing a data visualization prototype for GE Nuclear – I could leverage my experience as a Mechanical Engineering Technologist at Exxon. Doing a interactive pictogram for a trading communication platform – I could leverage my tech communication experience at Bear Stearns. And so on …

Experience Sketch 1

Experience Brings A Certain Sensibility

But its not specific facts – its being on the client side for a few decades and just know how people learn and engage with nuanced content.

And now at Frame Concepts – one spins on a dime every day with new topics, new players, new audiences and a new angle. And experience helps.