What About Your Visual Engagement for Your Communications Project?

Lets move the subject to you. There are a thousand bad reasons to continue using lots of text and stock clip art and photos for your important communications. But if you have challenging and important subject matter to an audience that might not have your full attention, then there is only one reason you need to get started on the visual path. Visuals work.

Visual Positioning Sketch

A Sample Sketch

The Offer

While we enjoy are long-standing relationships with our clients, we realize there are those interested but perhaps have competing interests to jump onto the visual train – so we are opening up our business doors to single visual projects without the typical retainer obligations.


No scope – it can be a single one page infographic, an interactive solution pictogram, an animation or film, a vision map, a data visualization or an interactive decision tree tools. Whatever the content and functional need is – we will take on a single project.

HP Citrix Enterprise Mobility Puzzle Pictogram

A Render Based on Sketch Above

What You Need

Content and a debriefing session that lasts about one hour. Thats it.

What Can You Expect

Well you will tell us what type of output you need but no matter how simple or complex the  project is – the first thing we will provide is an ideation pencil sketch (see above). And thats the tough part – coming to terms with a visual approach that make the point intuitive and engaging and does not trivialize the content and the intellect of your audience.

Bring It On

So there you go – balls in your court. If you ever wanted to leverage information design and do justice to your interesting content with cutting edge visualizations – now is the time.

You can reach us here – Contact Us – look forward to starting with you!