Infographics:  The new essential for the B2B integrated marcom mix.

For B2B high tech and industrial marketers, Infographics represent an engaging and often viral element of the B2B marcom mix.

Recent Marketing Charts data from Infegy found that infographics are especially viral on Twitter. So for B2B integrated marcom professionals, infographics can represent an opportunity to convey product benefits in an engaging and easy-to-read way, particularly when integrated within a content marketing plan or campaign.

In the B2B high tech and industrial space, infographics can illustrate complex technical concepts in a more concrete way.  For example, the benefits of cloud computing can be challenging to describe to the lay person.  ReadWriteWeb’s ReadWriteCloud group assembled a collection of cloud computing infographics.  Each infographic illustrates a different message such as what cloud computing is and statistics on cloud computing. And if you really want to get sophisticated and have the resources, then animate your infographic to make it even more engaging.

How can B2B marketers benefit from infographics?

Brand reinforcement – when you consider the viral nature of a well done infographic, that alone can be reason enough to develop an infographic as part of your content plan.

Prospect engagement – again, the viral nature of infographics, when purposefully placed in the hands of your prospects, and customers can give your brand and message greater reach thanks to your prospects and customers.

Extended influence – carefully placed infographics on sites including Flickr, SlideShare and YouTube  where others are free to embed your infographic in their blogs and online content, can leverage your infographic investment much further.

So think about your products and services and the benefits your clients will recognize. Then consider any data that you’ve already gathered to support your benefits.  Just ask your engineering team.  I’m sure they have dozens of spreadsheets and data that would make great fodder for an infographic.  Then have your creative team develop an infographic that explains the data in a fun and engaging way.