Custom Visual Solutions Can Seem So Far Away

Visual Solution Application

Is This Your Vantage Point?

If in more of you communication life, you have been saddled or guilty of creating clunky powerpoints, brochures, white papers and websites full of bullet points, stock photos, odd neon graphic created in powerpoint and loads and loads and loads and then day-to-day, while in casual media consumption, you see some of the cutting edge visual solutions – like infographics and data-driven visualizations and explanatory animations – in the print and online publications of larger media houses like the Wall Street Journal or New York Times or Bloomberg – it can seem daunting. Bringing those type of customer, engaging visual solutions into your context can seem like an ocean away. I know. I was there.

Bringing those type of customer, engaging visual solutions into your context can seem like an ocean away. I know. I was there.

But There is Hope and Its a Reality

While information design is a maturing craft and even the leading design schools are not popping out information designers as a formal program, we here at Frame Concepts have bridged that gap. It took about four years but we can confidently conclude that we offer every visual solution type – infographics, interactive solution pictograms (we made that solution name up), value proposition animations and data-driven visualizations – and have an integrated repeatable process leveraging the information design craft and fueling it with print design and identity design, interactive and animation programming and front and back-end programming. And it all starts with a blank page and pencil. I repeat it all starts with a blank page and a pencil. And then the fun stuff starts – ideation in the form of pencil sketches get turned into digital reality.

Visual Positioning Sketch

It All Starts with A Pencil Sketch

And They Are Contextualized for Your Profession, Your Industry and Your Organization Type

We here at Frame Concepts know the end business goal and we know what context and application they occur in to become effective to achieve your business goal. And as witness to the face, we create on this website over one hundred case studies to talk the marketplace through rational for using visual solutions for your profession, industry and organization type and showcased each with live visual samples to show them in practice. Its dizzying to see how all the industries and professions and organizations we touched. No business context cannot seem to take advantage of the explanatory and engagement power of custom visual solutions.

Case Study Screenshot


Screenshot of Sample Case Study (over 100 on Frame Concepts website)

You are Not an Ocean Away – Time to Step Onboard

We here at Frame Concepts have created a turnkey custom solution program contextualized to your need and to make the process that much easier – we offer a free demo and consultation – to talk you through ideas, scope in an approach and take you through a demo of live samples to drive thought.

If you would like to get onboard click here for a Free Demo and Consultation.