Can Customs Visual Solutions Born in Media Towers Integrate to Business Practices?

A little bit of irony in this question as we here at Frame Concepts are creating custom visual solutions – infographics, interactive solution pictograms, animated value propositions and data-driven visualizations – for businesses on a daily basis. But a quick search across the internet at corporate website – even (perhaps especially) Fortune 500 websites – suggest that pages loaded with texts and stock photos are still the rage. So one wonders why this is the case. Perhaps they think they are no other options – thats custom visual solutions are the luxury of media outlets.

Perhaps Its Because of Their Origin

Media Sample Infographics

A Sample of Visuals (in this case Infographics) in the Media Publishing World

All of us started to learn about infographics and the craft of information design when media outlets like the Wall Street Journal and Fast Company started to release infographics to explain dense concepts. I wonder because they blossomed in this context if the business communicator thinks that is where they belong or more specifically – the cost to create them fit a publishing budget rather than an enterprise. But this is wrong-headed for numerous reasons – lets table them:

  •  Flexible Budgets – there are different styles that are more sophisticated and complex to serve an important product release and their are simple iconic styles to address the needs of a humble newsletter.
  • Wide Variety of Visual Solutions – its not just all about infographics (although they are highly effective for content programs) – they can be applied for a sales presentation, an interactive demo, a trade show kiosk or even into the solution interface in the form of a data visualization.
  • Custom to Business Purpose – here at Frame Concepts we create them custom from scratch – a blank paper and a pencil sketch – and form-fit the visual content and approach for business need.
  • Consistent to Business Concern About Engagement – its certainly nice when your current clients renew for larger deals or they refer you into a new relationship but the marketplace reality is that you need to open up new doors by getting your marketplace to understand the point of your offering and engage with its value to them – this is fundamental to your business growth and its inconsistent to underserve your offering with visual communications that do not really … well, communicate.
  • Media Outlets Know A Thing or Two About Communications – while bringing a reader into a story and increasing subscriber rate is a different business goal than say a ERP software solution – the craft of using visuals to get audience understanding and engagement up has been refined and optimized and it just makes sense to leverage these findings with business communications.

Marketplace Adoption of Visual Solutions – The Path to Least Resistance

Frame Concepts Kickoff Meeting

A Challenge – You Put So Much Work Into Product Development (left side of picture), are You Not Concerned about your Audience Getting Your Clever Ideas When They Go to Market?

Well perhaps this post started on a defensive tone – justifying why visual solutions should be embraced and are not the just for media outlets – and the tables can be turned and a more presumptive stance can be taken. So the question could (should) be – why would you make it hard for your audience to understand and engage with your offering? I like this tone of this much better. You have put so much effort in researching, coming up with that eureka moment of insight, built out the offering and delivery plans and staffed up a hot and ready sales and marketing team to take your marketplace segment that you should logically own – and yet – when the starter pistol fires and the wheels are in motion – you decide to throw a wrench into the machine. You decide to burden your organization and your marketplace with pages and pages of web copy and stock photos (you know the two executives shaking hands in the partnership section photo right?) and load sales presentations with loads of bullets and clip art and a neon spaghetti spider diagram with different neon powerpoint colors to show how your system integrates with client processes. And damage is done. First hints are the sales staff on the front line murmuring this is a tough solution to sell – they are not getting it. The marketing department using the slide presentation in webinar have reports of “indifference”. The CEO working off the traditional brochure with her key contacts at the executive round table is getting frustrated at the blank expressions on their faces as they try to follow along with the presentation. The investors family and friends on Monday morning management meeting complain that none of them understand what they invested in AFTER they see the new website full of copy and stock photos. Its not good to say the least.

Important Press Announcement – Frame Concepts has been Delivering Effective Custom BUSINESS Visual Solutions for Four Years (A Call to Action)

D&B Compliance Ship Infographic

A Sample of Business Visual Solution – Compliance Infographic

Are Custom Visual Solutions the Luxury of Media Outlets?

The answer is definitely not! Even just on our website – – we have over a hundred portfolio samples and over a hundred case study samples by profession, industry and organization type. This speaks volumes that business can leverage custom visual solutions to increase understanding and engagement. And at the very least suggests in not a media luxury but perhaps a business imperative to ensure that your business staff, management and marketplace get you. Visuals are key to getting them to embrace your vision.

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