Seems like I”m seeing more examples of creative visualization lately.  In this age of minimal attention span, the use of infographics is bound to become more and more common/popular, especially among business marketers.  The ones I’ve seen work seem to have a few things in common:

  1. They creatively represent differences in trends, numbers in creative, less than obvious ways.  Part of the fun of infographics is seeing how creative the visualization can get while still keeping to the point and making things simple
  2. They make the infographic work both online an offline.  I love those data visualizations that can either be used as an online asset (with interactive components) and also can be printed out and used offline as a poster… suitable for framing
  3. Infographics have big social potential.  Good ones tend to be placed among the right social graph… or networks where interested parties congregate.  With data visualization in B2B still a bit of a new animal, infographics done right can pick up steam and be a powerful social tool.
  4. Successfully using infographics in the channel.  Resellers are also looking for ways to creatively get the point across, but won’t have typically have the time, experience or budget to design something as groundbreaking as a great visualization.  Making infographics available to the channel as a demand generation piece or as a piece of on site collateral can create excitement among partners.
  5. Use the novelty of infographics to help drive conversion in email and other demand generation campaigns.  Conversion rates should increase with the use of a well done creative visualization asset.