Depending on your position, marketing can be training & training can be seen as marketing.

For seasoned educators, a main part of their role is to “bring up to speed” new or current team members on new products, policies or procedures.

And the same can be said for Change Management Consultants whose role is to implement smooth transitions and increase employee adoption rates.

For the marketers out there, it’s about what visual content is going to assist and help sales close the deal.

So whether we’re converting a new employee or converting a new client – we can look at ways to re-purpose content because it’s essentially the same goal.

IT Pencil Sketch

Easily train new team members or win new clients? This pencil sketch envisions both!

Visual solutions: equally effective for marketing & training

So what about using the same visual solution (infographic, interactive pictogram, data-driven visualization, slide deck or video) to accomplish both of these goals?

We tend to think a lot about the many ways to re-purpose content here at Frame Concepts.

How often do you?

Two Infographics

Here’s a marketing infographic on the left and training infographic on the right.

There are many good things about reusing content and we’ve outlined 4 reasons why re-purposing visual content is beneficial:

1. Get everyone on the same page

Use all the visual tools you have at your disposal to get everyone on message and focused on your company’s mission.

2. Save time and costs

This is an obvious one. By creating one project (or two with very slight variations) this is a bit easier on budgets, timelines and can make the difference between an on-time delivery or creating a back-log.

3. Attain new levels of understanding internally and externally

I didn’t mean to go all Zen on you there, but this is a valid point worth explaining.

Sometimes two customer-facing sides of the same company (internal support and external sales, for example) don’t always “play nice” the way they should.

By taking your latest customer support marketing infographic and re-purposing this as a sales guide can gets both sides to more see eye-to-eye and appreciate the common end goal.

Solution Pictogram

 A solution pictogram that trains clients and educates prospective clients for a marketing consultancy.

4. Marketing Is After All About Training New Customers

Let’s say your visual communication effort is purely for marketing (i.e. to win over customers). You have to make a first impression that the market will comprehend.

You are essentially “training” new customers on your offering so that they can engage further along the funnel:

  • Intuitive graphics can be the ticket to get new prospects to easily reach the point of understanding.
  • When new prospects “get it,” Sales then spends less time on education.
  • This frees up the Sales team to focus more on meeting needs and delivering real value.

So do we have to hire an ad agency to win over our team members?

Not at all. We are talking about bundling the key points, the steps, the metrics and the desired end goal into a visual solution that is both intuitive and engaging for your team members.

So the next time you’re developing a new marketing infographic or explainer video, remember that media can also provide heaps of value being re-purposed for training needs as well.

Let’s Talk

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And for your marketing needs, we have plenty of visual solutions to show you as well!

Thanks for spending some time in our “Frame of Mind.”