Been a few months since we created our Frame Concepts promotional film and with launch of new book Visual Content Marketing, new website, wider set of visual solutions in our offering and new case studies and use cases, it kind of got buried from my mind. Well I stumbled across it on our own site and while its not the easiest to see yourself and hear yourself speak, I am pleased that it speaks to the kind of communication explanation and engagement problems we solve every day. I was convinced by myself.

You can view it here – Frame Concepts Film.

With this film we tried to accomplish three things:

  1. Advance Awareness of our New Film Offering – sophisticated film with both A and B reels (person and street scenes) that is well-lighted and branded and talks at the intelligent buyer level is now part of our offering and we are seeing a lot of pick up on this.
  2. Demonstrated Hybrid of Film with Animated Infographic –  instead of choosing between explainer animation video and sophisticated and brand correct film, one can have both so the viewer can weave between concept explanation and the persuasive factor of shot flesh and blood speaking to the point at hand.
  3. Showcase our Latest Projects – we (cleverly I think) actually weaved in the some of the cool visual solutions we have been doing in the sizzle portion at latter half of the film.

Certainly would like to speak to your about your film and explanatory animation needs for your complex and nuanced subject matter – you can reach us at – Contact Us.