Businesses will increasingly use video to communicate and collaborate internally and with third parties. For customer-facing purposes, video will take a front seat for businesses to provide new product details, showcase executives, and create how-to explanations for their products and services.

Lundquist is also predicting that 2011 is the year that enterprises will move off the sidelines and actively begin using and promoting consumer technologies in the corporate environment. We also offer a glimpse of what to expect from the big tech companies – Apple, Google, IBM, Oracle and Microsoft. Still, the world of technology changes all the time. Just because a company is on top right now doesn’t mean it can stay there forever. Like Wall Street investors, IT executives need to know which tech trends to follow to get a better idea of which vendor offers the best products at the best prices. The takeaway? If you think the pace of change in IT was unprecedented in 2010, just wait until the New Year rolls around.

By Eric Lundquist on 2010-11-19,