Overcoming Obstacles to Visually Engaging Your Marketplace

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Everyone knows that visual solutions are the way to go, don’t they? I think if one was to conduct a poll with marketing leaders and communication specialists,

Five Challenges in Training and Change Management

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Recently we blogged about the effectiveness of visual solutions for both marketing and training and the feedback we received was very supportive of this idea. We did

4 Reasons to Re-Purpose Content for Marketing & Training

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Depending on your position, marketing can be training & training can be seen as marketing. For seasoned educators, a main part of their role is to “bring

D-U-N-S – More Than Just A Number – D&B Infographic Design

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The Challenge Frame Concepts have created a number of infographics for our client D&B as well as data-driven visualizations like this historical global risk heat map.  On this project

Data-Driven Versus Concept-Driven Visualizations

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Academia is Concerned About Driving Concepts Just Like Frame Concepts Came across an article by Kim Kastens - Data-Driven Versus Concept-Driven Visualizations -  at the Education Center at

Yes, Visual Solutions Can Drive Your Bottom Line

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Thinking of doing one infographic on one offering or blog post or email campaign is narrow minded. Businesses should step back and think about their goals as