Converting Your Class Through Visual Engagement

While you may not have the task of selling a paid solution there still is very much a “sell” going on when you are training or taking employees through significant change management. There is a lot of momentum towards traditional practices and there have been misconceived and not well thought out communication efforts before that make your employee audience a tough one. You need to quickly get them onboard with the point of the change or training efforts, what benefits the organization and their professional lives will receive and finally how do they get onboard to a be productive member within the new world order. A visual pictogram can take them there.

Business Purpose

Lifting the Veil of Ignorance on Business Vision

You spend months researching the best options and coming with the most compelling instrument of change but if the employees are not onboard (and that includes management) your project and the business goals it was set to achieve are lost. Here are some of the important reasones our clients take advantage of the Training and Change Management Visual Solution:

  • To Make the Value Transparent – Your are not pulling one over the employees, there is real value to be add if they can visualize the “how” and the “why”.
  • Engagement – The best practice of an implementation plan will fail if the employees do not embrace it. Enough said
  • Excitement– Rather that getting reluctance acceptance, a lush visual explanation can get them excited about what the future holds if they get onboard
  • Learning  – They need to clearly understand the new process and technology if they are to be part of the change – a visual intuitive process map can get them there.
  • Long Term Change – Not only will they get onboard quicker they will retain the message longer with proven visuals integrated with instruction. Well placed signage and reference cards can help also.


With new management in play and a new optimized managed service delivery created and ready to roll out, Ascension Health need to get its employees onboard. Rather than prescribe the service delivery steps, the training staff got everyone onboard by driving the class with an interactive card playing game where the staff collectively with the trainer came to terms together with the optimal service delivery path.



Analyst Solutions has a unique training method to deliver real-world analyst competencies. It also had a unique method to allow its potential students to take a competency test online to quickly determine where their weaknesses were. The challenge was to map how the core competencies related to the performance areas of the working analyst. Frame Concepts created a pictogram that walks their prospective students through the process. 


We knew we had a match when the sales consultancy was called Visualize. The challenge in this particular visual explanation was not to reveal the proprietary selling methodology (you have to pay for that) but reveal enough to show them they were a not typical sales training shop – that they could take the sales class from “box pusher, feature sales” to business value, solution sales consultants. We accomplished this by showing tiered levels representing the sales person the “speeds and feeds” cellar and raising to the C-level business issue selling suite.

More Examples

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