Innovation Presents Visual Challenges

Perhaps arguably the hallmark of innovation, the technology innovation cycle occurs yearly and in some case seasonly. And the challenge then becomes how to you convince your marketplace and the analysts that the next round of innovation translates into real differentiated business value. And this is not just the problem of the tech startup that has little to no brand awareness , but also the Fortune 500 enterprise who gets pegged as a certain type of offering and now needs to overcome certain preconceptions. Of course since you have spent so much time developing and investing in innovation to take to market, you certainly do not want to drop the ball when you are interfacing with clients that will potentially pay for your offering. This is where Frame Concepts can help Technology companies and their visual marketing.

Business Purpose

Innovation Translation to Differentiated Value is Key

Technology innovation comes with communication hurdles – if it truly is innovative and truly delivers differentiated (i.e. different from the traditional options), then by definition your marketplace needs to re-conceptualize possibilities with your solution in play – that’s where Frame Concepts comes in – we bring them into the correct conceptual frame of reference:

  • Innovation Needs to Be Brought Into the Everyday – for innovation to reach Main Street, your marketplace needs to be able to see the value in their business practice context.
  • Tech to Business Translation – While the kernels of innovation may come from the engineer, eventually a business person has to translate into business value.
  • Package the Concept to Get Buy-In – Sometimes you have to help your client along and sell the innovation internally with strong visuals to make the argument easy.
  • Increase Client Satisfaction  – By having your client team reinforce the value received with the same visuals that you promised value within the sales cycle, you will help your renewal rate significantly.
  • Technology Can Be Complex – The benefits of a Debian kernel in a Linux Operating system may not be obvious to everyone, a visual process pictogram can get them there.


While the eight steps to build a blade server might be intimidating even for the most technical audience, this infographic leverages a compelling isometric cutaway and bold iconographic and typography, so that the business user can grasp the logic and value of the HP BladeSystem program. The sample below also showcases the pencil ideation excercise that went into the concept before published render.



Conceptually, the tablet does conjure up images of the consumer sitting on the couch surfing the internet or playing the latest version of Angry Birds. Samsung wanted to frame things differently so when they commissioned research from IDG to bolster their argument, IDG turned to Frame Concepts to help visualize the data—driven narrative. 


IBM needed to conceptually show how their new social business solution would have transformative effects on business functions day-to-day. This speculative sketch was an explorative approach to teasing out the value.


More Examples

To see more samples of the Frame Concepts Social Media and Visual Solutions as well as other visual solutions, click here to view a sortable portfolio.

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