Visualizing the Value Behind the Code

There is a lot of value lurking behind that impressive interface, the challenge is how do you get the potential business user to appreciate that fact without using it? Screenshots and lists of technical features and even a recorded screenshot demonstration can often miss the differentiated value points. And of course you need to engage your visitor. You need to bring your software solution into the context of your audiences business goals and show the visually how easy it is to set up and operate in conjunction with their preferred business practices and how it will deliver value for each stakeholder. This is where Frame Concepts Software Industry Visual Solutions can help.

Business Purpose

Adoption is Key

Of course the end goal is to increase the adoption of your software platform and the only way that is going to happen is if your marketplace and analysts are as excited about the unique benefits your solution deliver as your team is when you developed it. You need your marketplace (and maybe your staff) onboard with that vision to accomplish your business goals:

  • Adopting New Platform – you need your prospects to envision the end state when they adopt your platform
  • Business Value – While it’s software code, you need to get out the value of the offering to your audience
  • Product Development Ideation – Before you present to your client, you need to get your own team onboard and a clear vision of your product road map.
  • Increase Software Renewal Rate  – Timely metric-driven visual communication can remind client the value they are currently receiving.
  • Software can be Intimidating – Taking on a new platform can be a formidable task, you need to get them visually over that hump.


While the sophistication of its reporting tools and the data feeds integrated to make accurate robust forecasts can be quite technical, SAP brings in the business user with a fun and provocative meandering ship analogy with a playful financial forecasting shipping analogy infographic 



This research-based infographic helped Microsoft showcase how cloud-based delivery of productivity applications is lowering the workload for the IT department and allowing them to focus on more strategic efforts. This particular example uses a clever balance of data visualization, iconography and illustration to make the visual narrative drive to this conclusion. 


Symantec cleverly lays out the case for effective patch management citing relevant statistics around the rise of cyber attacks and the challenge of manually managing the process and ultimately argues for an automated approach to solve the problem.

More Examples

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