Making Dry Research Intuitive and Actionable

You have done the rigorous research integrated custom primary and the most relevant secondary research on the topic and the results are truly surprising and your insight on recommended course of action would be a game changer – that is if they understood your findings or worse yet even bother to read it. By leveraging Frame’s information design and data visualization techniques, you can now make your data-filled survey results intuitive and your recommendations and insight actionable.

Business Purpose

Actually Drive the Business Actions Your Report Recommends

What is the impact on your research program if nobody understands or is engaged to even read your research? Our clients leverage the Research Visual Solutions for a variety of business goals:

  • Making the Complex Intuitive – While you may pile up pages of explanatory text and tables, it can be challenging for someone new to your research efforts to quickly come to terms with your findings and how you got there. A simple infographic or data visualization can turn on the light
  • Engagement – By simply using a clever analogy and a lush visual image on one of your more provocative points, you bring the viewer’s eye in and then their mind as they following your interesting visual narrative.
  • Awareness– Emailing or placing it or a written summary on a blog will not do the trick. You need to get them to engage with an engaging visual that tells the research narrative and lets them know your engaging point of view actually exists.
  • Learning  – By definition your reader is not a subject matter expert but need the results of your research study for their profession and they expect and demand that you take them there – the Frame Research Visual Solution takes them there.
  • They Get it Quicker and Remember Longer – Visuals armed with text are proven to increase the rate at which they understand your research as well as the ability to remember its key points. Why would you not want that?


When SAP turned to IDG publishers of CIO Magazine to commission custom research, they knew that the communication results could not simple a technical feature list of their database solutions. Instead they had to turn the data on “data” into a compelling and pressing topic of concern to any enterprise. Frame Concepts visualized this in three lush infographic data  stories on forecasting, innovation and mobility.



While the technical nuances and associated benefits can be better appreciated by a technical audience, HP wanted to widen the audience to a broader audience. Frame helped the cause by placing the research carried out by IDG Enterprise Research into a fun, engaging road trip and allowing the data to tell its story every curve of the way. 


Enlighted startup did its its research and came to interesting conclusion that the leading energy waster in large corporate buildings was in fact lighting. They came up with an innovative motion detection and software solution that actually reduced lighting based on real-time occupancy that showed significant reduction in energy costs. Frame Concepts explained how the solution worked with an interesting and relevant building cutaway and then showed the energy savings in dynamic data visualizations.

More Examples

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