Getting Your Client Onboard and Excited About Your Recommendations

You have the contextualized in-the-trenches industry experience and you are well armed with best practices and the latest technologies and now you are about to make your stellar recommendations – but they don’t get you. And the employees who have to deploy your recommendations are fuzzy on your objectives and procedures and in fact they would rather not have yet another initiative crammed down their throats. How do you get your client and their staff and even your own delivery team onboard on the same vision so they clearly know what steps they need to take and are excited about the mission? This is where the Frame Concepts Visual Solutions can help.

Business Purpose

Complex Process Improvement Needs Intuitive Visual Communication

Advancing the best ideas and getting company onboard with new vision has multiple benefits:

  • New Ideas Need Buy-In – Your client did not hire you to conclude to keep moving with the status quo – they are expecting new creative and effective ideas which by definition should need translation – visual analogies can get them over the hump.
  • You are Making Complex Nuanced Recommendations – Even the best ideas can suffer death by confusion – you need to pierce the cloudiness and push your core innovation visually on one page – yes repeat – one page.
  • Does Your Consulting Team See Eye to Eye? – In the formative stages of your research, you can crystallize and refine your recommendations through Frame’s Visualization Sketches and refine and polish with client review iterations.
  • Client Decision-Maker Buy-In Does Not Mean Client Staff Buy-in – If the employees do not embrace your bold recommendations the project is dead. Town halls and intranet and learning mats enabled with clear process and value pictograms can get them onboard and excited.
  • You are Hired Partly Because You can Clearly Communication Your Findings – Something is not right if you suggest your are a progressive consulting firm and your force your clients to sleuth through your recommendations with stacks of spreadsheets and PowerPoint clip art from the 80’s. And that stock photo at the end of the deck with executives jumping up with joy does not count either. You are better than that.


With Social Channels exponentially growing in traffic, Reputation Institute can tie the good and the bad together and show how making the right corrective actions can help the bottom-line. The following slide shows a sample of recommendations through clever use of iconography.

Deloitte had come up with a new cross-comparative business performance model that pivoted around the concept of a miracle worker. The model leveraged actual performance historical data on multiple companies that displayed how their unique model captured relevant causal factors that other models did not. The following slide displays an early-stage speculative data visualization. 

The marketing automation industry is as a complex as any software-based platform service. With software vendor selection and working out workflows and triggers and matching the right content with the right stage in the sales funnel, the whole process can be dizzying to the uninitiated. eNautics demystified the setup and strategy process with a clear, engaging and fun visual walk through of the key process steps in this colorful pictogram.

More Examples

To see more samples of the Frame Concepts Social Media and Visual Solutions as well as other visual solutions, click here to view a sortable portfolio.

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