Showing Value Through the Technical Jargon

The IT Networking Industry has several challenges when trying to gets its audience to appreciate the value of different approaches and innovative technology. On one side, the network for the business user is “assumed” to be there and conceptually amounts to  just plumbing to connect data and on the other side its hard to visualize value by making what seems modest improvements in performance with technical measurements and hardware that seems to borrow terminology better suited in a Star Trek episode. The irony is that the IT network is the poster child for content for an effective IT process pictogram. The process steps and technical features of each node and more importantly the value to each respective stakeholder can easily be brought out in a print or interactive pictogram.

Business Purpose

Subtle Technical Advances Translate to Huge Business Advantages

Given the classic dichotomy of translating technical features of an IT Network to a business audience, showcasing business value with visual solutions is ripe for opportunities:

  • Visualizing the Point of the Network – while you may have a global network, the point and value can be driven home in one infographic.
  • Security and Privacy – While you are keeping the cyber terrorists out you have to make sure the users understands best practices to make your network secure.
  • Multiple Concepts – Your IT Network lives in a ecosystem of hardware, cable, clients servers, databases and software – you need your audience to understand your approach on their non-technical terms.
  • Measured in Fractions of Percentages  – you need to visually show how your hard won incremental performance improves translates to real business value.
  • Up the Engagement Factor – Lets face it – most of your business audience finds discussion points on IT Networking boring. Visual Solutions can showcase the business challenge and the innovation you are applying to deliver real business value and bring them to your point of view.


In an unusual move, Netuitive leveraged an infographic to showcase specifically to analysts the numbers and research feeding their solution and the unique benefits to their approach. This visual showcase worked both as a way to solicit interests in the analyst community itself and also as debriefing tool to walk them through their approach. The infographic communication vehicle was so powerful that the analyst reached out to Frame Concepts to discuss how their research practice could also be visualized.



Led by powerful research from IDG, Frame Concepts formed a visual cutaway of a building to drive the context for a host of practical steps one should consider when setting up a new network in new construction. While the facts and figures were quite broad, with intelligent information design, the important drives were visually placed in conceptual buckets while subtly suggesting how Juniper’s offerings were relevant to the concerns surfaced by the research. 


IT Networks can keep a CIO up at night. EMC sponsored IDG to poll CIO’s what exactly their concerns are and where they the solution may lie in this visualization of the poll results. While aspects of the network can be quite technical – security, virtualization, the cloud, big data – the concerns that can have a real impact on business performance are shared by the entire business.

More Examples

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