Clever use of interactivity to highlight four core benefits of offering. Click on the bottom left buttons and watch value in action!

Marketplace Challenge
This client was introducing a bold, new trading communication platform that spoke to benefits both to the trader in terms of collaborative communications between the front, middle and back office but also had a significant benefit to the IT department in terms of simplified management.

The client leveraged the Frame Sales and Marketing solution and specifically an interactive demo that leverages a core visual that emphasizes one consolidated communication platform that connects the communication lines for the trader as well as the ability for IT to delivery timely applications. These benefits were highlighted with interactive buttons that would highlight a key scene within the pictogram as well as explanatory narrative.

A very powerful and compelling explanation of the product release.

Below is a rough sketch that is typical of the “ideation” phase where we work with our clients to determine the most effective visual approach that both explains and engages.